100 Days 100 Clinics

Welcome to the 100 days 100 clinics project by Dentistry Insider. The project aims to showcase 100 dental clinics from different parts of India.

Opening the first clinic is a major milestone in the life of a dentist. Often, dentists rely on advice from books, helpful seniors, and family friends when opening their own clinic. Finances are the trickiest of all. It is difficult to estimate the exact costs, decide which equipment the clinic should start with, and judiciously allocate the budget. We decided to democratize this knowledge and showcase dental clinics from across the country.

The project will help dental professionals learn best practices from each other and understand how the finances of operating a clinic differ by type of practice, clientele, and geography. We hope you will enjoy exploring the clinics showcased here and learn from the breakup of setup and monthly costs of each clinic.

Want to showcase your clinic in the project? Please fill up the form here.

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