“Life after completing a dental degree in India is difficult” — you may have heard this from your college seniors and second cousins. But you may still get a rude shock when you hit the job market, especially in large cities. The oversupply of dentists in large cities is real and inescapable. In the last 20 years, as the number of BDS seats in India has tripled, the concentration of dentists in urban areas has increased disproportionately. Meanwhile, tier 2 and tier 3 cities remain underserved and unaware, even as their purchasing power and ambitions increase rapidly.

In addition, the skills that students receive in college is often inadequate, and leaves them longing for more practice and guidance. The glut of entry-level dentists in large cities means there are not many well-paying jobs, or even apprenticeship opportunities at established clinics. Teaching openings at dental colleges are also drying up as the number of dental colleges in India start to plateau.

At Dentistry Insider, we guide you to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, helping bridge the information asymmetry as you navigate various challenges that come your way in your professional lives. As you explore the site, you will find valuable guidance from experts and industry stalwarts, insights from experiences of fellow dentists who have pursued very different interests, and uninhibited access to learning tools.

Broadly, we cover the following areas:

  • Setting up and successfully running your own dental practice: keeping you updated on funding opportunities, government regulations, patient relations, and latest best practices
  • Continuous learning: alerts on upcoming courses, workshops, seminars, and certifications to help you upskill yourself
  • Preparing for MDS: expert advice, subject-wise mock tests
  • Migrating to another country for work or further studies: detailed guidance on possible destinations, and opportunities in each to help you prepare in advance
  • Attaining a management degree: setting your expectations for a life during and after MBA, and guiding you through the admission procedure
  • Alternate careers: learning from experiences of fellow dental professionals who have pursued alternate, but related, careers

Dentistry Insider is an initiative of Dr. Shilpy Bhandari. She has completed her Master of Dental Surgery from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davangere, Karnataka and has worked extensively across dental clinics of all sizes — from small, independent setups to large corporate chains. Several of her academic research papers have been published in national and international journals. She lives with her husband in Hyderabad.

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