10 equipment you should consider buying for your clinic

Intraoral cameras and Monitor

Waldent Intraoral Camera [Representative Image]

Intraoral cameras are great assets in dentistry. They aid in visualizing the overall oral cavity of the patient. It is an amazing patient educational tool. It helps the patient visualize and understand the problem within their mouth. It can be used to bring awareness about their oral status by capturing images of their oral tissues/teeth. You can show them the area they need to work upon and create awareness about their hygiene and the need for restoration. It aids in maintaining pre-treatment and post-treatment records of the patient.

Physiodispensor & Implant kit

NSK Surgic AP [Representative Image]

Performing implant dentistry can boost your practice. It improves the quality of life in edentulous patients and makes them feel satisfied. It’s always better to include physiodispensor and an implant kit in your practice. Physiodispensor is mainly used for bone cutting during dental implants placement. It can be used for other oral surgical procedures as well. It minimizes heat production during bone cutting and creates lesser discomfort to the patient. It is easy to sterilize and saves lots of time and effort during bone drilling.

Soft tissue Laser

Picasso Lite+ Laser [Representative Image]

It is one of the best equipment for procedures involving oral soft tissue. It has enormous benefits in both endodontic and periodontal procedures. It provides insignificant discomfort to the patient with a minimal need for anesthesia. It also provides outstanding hemostasis and aids in faster wound healing. Apprehensive patients are easier to convince for the treatment procedures using a laser as it creates minimal invasion and lesser postoperative discomfort.

Piezosurgery kit

PIEZOSURGERY® touch – Mectron [Representative Image]

It makes use of revolutionary technology of piezoelectric effect. It mainly uses low-frequency piezoelectric vibrations which aid in cutting of bone without causing any damage to soft tissue. They are advantageous in various complex procedures such as bone splitting, bone graft harvest action, sinus lift, and impacted tooth removal, etc. They are very safe to use in patients, provide bloodless field, are minimally invasive, create less post-operative discomfort and results in faster healing. 

CAD-CAM technology

Cerec CAD CAM Technology [Representative Image]

In this, a virtual 3D image of the prepared tooth is scanned using the scanner and then transferred to software which creates computer-assisted cast upon which restoration is designed. The usage of digital impressions takes less chairside time, are more convenient to the patient, no hassle of pouring cast and easy to fabricate. It also minimizes the buying of costly impression materials. It can be used in the fabrication of crowns/bridges, inlay, onlay, veneers, implant abutments, maxillofacial prosthesis, etc. For this, you can contact your lab person and ask them whereabouts regarding CAD-CAM technology and work on the cost of fabrication.

Portable X-ray unit and Intraoral X pod

Genoray Portable X Ray Machine [Representative Image]

X rays are an integral part of dentistry. They are mandatory and useful from diagnosing the case to evaluating the efficacy of treatment done. So, it is important to have a portable x-ray machine which is wireless and compact. Intraoral X-Pods are portable imaging system which comprises of a sensor attached to a pocket-sized screen to view the image. It is easy to carry and doesn’t require attachment with large laptop/computer to view the image. Portable machines help to capture the image at different angles and are usually lightweight and convenient to the operator. The intraoral X-Pods are handy and easy to view the image (Images can be saved with the patient’s name). You can save the space of a trolley/table with laptop/desktop in the operatories with their usage. You can also synchronize it easily with a laptop or desktop and transfer the image through Bluetooth.

OPG machine

OPG machine [Representative Image]

After developing a decent patient flow in your practice, it’s better if you invest in buying an OPG machine. An OPG image is of great help in visualizing entire dentition and facial bones. It requires less time to extract the image, can be easily performed and is convenient to the patients. It can also be easily saved in your desktop as a patient record. Usually, patients got to run to different diagnostic centers to get it done. Sometimes patients don’t turn up for follow-ups due to lack of time in undergoing the procedure at outside diagnostic centers. So, having an OPG machine can save patients time and energy and faster means to display the pathology to the patient.

WAND anaesthesia machine

WAND | Milestone Scientific [Representative Image]

It is a computer-assisted system to deliver painless anesthesia to the patient. It is more convenient for the patient as they don’t have to see any syringe in real which usually creates fear in the minds of people. It is used only in the tooth of interest. The patient is happier with this technology as they don’t have to feel the numbness in the entire mouth and continue with their day to day activities. 

Magnifying Loupes

Magnifying Loupes [Representative Image]

A device which is used to have an enhanced view of the operating site in the oral cavity. It aids in performing the treatment procedures with at most precision and fineness due to better visualization of the field.

Digital Pen

ELV Digital Pen [Representative Image]

It is a device which captures hand-written notes when written on a special digital paper and gets automatically transferred to the monitor. An amazing economical device to record the findings, treatment plan, and medication prescribed to the patient. It aids in maintaining records in both physical and digital forms, and is easy to maintain. It has to be charged on a regular interval and is also available with ink refills. 

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