8 cool ways to improve your clinic’s interiors

Wall murals

Embedding wall murals on the ceilings and walls can draw the attention of patients. Especially in cases of long procedures, the presence of an attractive mural on the ceiling can keep patients’ minds engaged. On walls of reception or waiting area, you may use witty quotes, one liners, or informative health tips to draw the patients’ attention, and add to the overall look of the clinic.

Decals or signs to educate the patient

Decals or signs may also be used to educate patients of the multiple types of treatment or operations performed in the clinic.

Logo behind the reception desk

Displaying your clinic’s logo behind the reception desk can add a unique look to your clinic and make a great first impression. This could be as simple as using a customized wallpaper, or more complex such as a lighted display against a wood or glass background.

Photos in the waiting area

This method is quite inexpensive, and allows you to effectively engage with the patients in the waiting area, while reinforcing what your clinic stands for. You could use the patients’ attention during this time to educate them about oral health through inspirational or quirky images or text. You could even talk about yourself through these images. An age old practice for doctors is to display their certificates or awards they have received from distinguished personalities.

Educational posters

You could also use educational posters in the waiting area to educate the patient about the common dental problems or even the anatomy of the area.

Treatment room

This is the area where the patient, and you, will typically spend most of your time. So its important that this area reflects the overall look and feel of your clinic. An inexpensive way is to use wallpapers. You may even add posters at the entrance of the room to reiterate the instructions for the patient.

Monitor on the ceiling

A monitor on the ceiling is a good way to show large X rays to the patient, or provide a view of the oral cavity using the intraoral camera. It can also be used to show patient education and motivation videos, or even to just keep patients engaged, especially the young ones.

False ceiling

False ceilings last for long, are durable, and give a cool look to the clinic. They also have an insulating effect due to air trapped between the ceiling and false ceiling, and help save energy. They are easy to install and quite economical. Ceiling lights also provide a subtle glow, blurring the boundaries of the room and making it look more spacious.

We plan to cover theme based clinic ideas and Pediatric clinics in the next post. Meanwhile, let us know which idea you found most useful in the comments section.

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Dr. Shilpy Bhandari is a Hyderabad-based Periodontist and the founder of Dentistry Insider. She has worked extensively across dental clinics of all sizes — from large corporate chains to small, independent setups.

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